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Hot Prospects: Incoming Freshmen Spotlight Reviews 2024 – Part 1

In the Incoming Freshmen Spotlight Review article of the class of 2024 we will start out by covering 8 Hot prospects per article from the class of 2024 which is a very talented group of players across the board.  Many of the incoming Freshmen have not hit the peak of skill and talent, which we will start to see over the next 24 months.  Hoop Stars Media will be covering the entire list of the Top incoming freshmen Hot prospects.  We will give an in-depth look at the next loaded class in Minnesota as these HOT PROSPECTS are the names of the future in Minnesota.    

Chiang Ring (Minneapolis South) is Hoop Star Medias New Featured Prospect.  He is the #1 Prospect in the class of 2024 in the state of Minnesota.   

Chiang Ring – 6’8” is a long athletic player who is slowly emerging into a player that has quickly landed on the national radar.  Coming off a great showing at the Pango’s All South camp, Chiang has opened many eyes nationally with his dominate play.  He now has Coaches from big time programs showing interest such as Georgetown Hoyas and Florida Gators.  He moves well at his size for his age and is a rim protector that covers ground around the paint with his quick hops.  Chiang is like a few on this list that already have experience of playing high school varsity basketball as an 8th grader, along with playing on a national level against elite competition in AAU playing for the Minnesota Spartans.  A program with a rich history of winning nationals and producing great talent.  Chiang will log heavy varsity minutes at Minneapolis South and will have an instant impact on the Minneapolis City Conference.  He will be the incoming freshmen of the year in the Minneapolis City Conference.  His play will help him become Minneapolis South become a contender in the Minneapolis City Conference.

Jerome Williams – PG – (Minneapolis South) 

Jerome has established a long resume of success nationally at such a young age and is one of the top Point Guard prospects in the state of Minnesota.  He is a guard that plays with pace and has been a proven winner his whole career.  Jerome is a Lightning quick, sharp shooting guard that possesses all the tools a Point Guard needs to become a great high school lead guard and lead a team to success.  Another elite level 8th grader that played High School basketball last season at Minnehaha Academy gaining valuable experience.  He has been nationally ranked via Coast 2 Coast Prep and  many national publications.  Jerome has won a National AAU title and will have an impact on Minneapolis South who arguably has the best incoming freshman class in the state of Minnesota.  Be on the look out for this tough Guard.

Tameron Ferguson – PG – (Osseo Senior HS)

 When you think of Tameron Ferguson, one word comes to mind TOUGH.  Tameron puts us in the mind of a young Mckinly Wright, a former Mr. Basketball in Minnesota and currently the lead point guard of Colorado University.  He has those same characteristics, to be so young and talented. He brings to the Point Guard position at a young age the five strengths you need to lead teams to victories.  His court vision, handles, defense, High IQ and impressive ability to live in the paint creating scoring opportunities for his team is on another level.  Tameron was named by NY2LA Sports as one of the young up and coming Prodigies in the Midwest, playing on one of the top national teams in the state in Team GetShook Elite.  A group that has had many notable wins against big time programs and high placement finishes at AAU Nationals.  As an 8th grader Tameron Ferguson played High School basketball at Osseo Senior High School and had a very strong productive year.

Daniel Freitag – 6’0” – Guard – (Bloomington Jefferson) 

Daniel is a combo guard that is physically mature and has a varsity body coming into High School.  He is arguably the most athletic player currently in the class of 2024.  He is great at penetrating off the dribble and has great court vision and awareness to set others up for easy baskets.  A very unselfish player that can score the ball from all three levels and hard for defenders to stay in front of him.  A player that could see varsity minutes this coming High  School season.  Daniel is a special talent that has played on many national teams playing elite teams from across the country.  Expect to see his stock grow this season..

Jack Robison – 6’5″ Forward – Lakeville High School 

Each year Jack has progressed as a basketball player and along with his 6’5” frame his game is growing just as fast.  Lakeville has traditionally been a Minnesota power house producing some great talent and sending kids to great D1 schools.  Jack fits right in with the tradition at Lakeville High School.  One of the best shooting players in the class of 2024, if you leave him open he will knock it down.  His ability to draw traditional big’s away from the basket keeps the drive lanes open for his team.  A high IQ player that doesn’t make many mistakes, Jack is a name in a few short years you will hear a lot about.  

 Casmir (Cash) Chavis – 6’2” – Guard – DeLaSalle 

Is one of the most reliable players in the class of 2024.  He can do it all and tough is an understatement.  He is a relentless highly skilled competitor that can break you down off the dribble for great finishes and knock down the open three consistently.  I recall Two years ago at AAU nationals in Virginia Beach against the best talent in the country, Casmir sparked a huge run against the Power house New York Gauchos that would eventually lead to a National Championship for the Minnesota Spartans.  Casmir will be a player that will contribute as an incoming freshman for DeLaSalle who has a rich tradition of success.    

Seth Newbern – 6’2”- G/F – Armstrong High School 

Seth comes from a basketball family and is the son of former Gopher standout Melvin Newbern.  In following that tradition ,the youngest Newbern is an extremely talented Student Athlete that is growing in his game.  When you watch him play you see right away that he is very active on the offensive and defensive end.  His speed in the transition is scary the way he finishes at the rim and defensively he uses his length to create chaos for opposing offenses.  Seth as an 8th grader played JV basketball at Armstrong High School and is on pace to contribute to the varsity team as an incoming 9th grader.   

Issac Snell – 5’10” – SG – (Shakopee High School)

Issac might be the best shooter in the class of 2024.  It seems as if his flame is always lit as soon as he hits the floor.  Issac is a player that is smart and will make you pay from the three point land when teams gamble.  Another talented incoming freshmen who played high school basketball as an 8th grader at Shakopee High School. 



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