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Mitchel January Richfield High School Q&A Interview!

Ready to Lead..

Mitchel January is ready for a breakout year and is looking forward to leading the Richfield Spartans in a bigger role this season. The Richfield Spartans are coming off of a 20 – 6 record last season and a state tournament appearance.  It has been 14 years since the state tournament appearance for the Richfield Spartans.  In speaking with Coach Omar McMillan, he knew this group that he had last season was a special group and that if the leadership, trust and togetherness showed, that this group could do great things.  Coming into this season you have your core pieces back for another great run at a state tournament appearance and    Mitchel January is set to take on that challenge.  Being one of the most underrated true point guards in the class of 2022, he has been building quite a resume for himself being a part of the great turn around for the Richfield Spartans.

Mitchel is a player that shows great leadership on the court to lead his team.  He has the ability to apply pressure on opposing teams on offense and defense.  He is skilled at penetrating and creating scoring plays or making plays for others and defensively creating chaos on other teams guards. This is what Coaches look for in good lead guards.  Mitchel is a player to watch closely over the next 5 months as he grows in his overall game.


Take a moment to get to know Mitchel January with this Great Q&A interview


Question and Answer:


1. Q. Full Name: and what Nickname or Name do you like to go by?

A.   Mitchell January


2.  Q. What are you most looking forward to this season? 

A.  Just getting back out there on the court with my teammates.



3.  Q. Who inspired you as a young athlete?

A.  My sisters were probably my biggest inspiration considering they both were hard working athletes and went D1, it just pushes me to do whatever I can to be successful.



4.  Q. What one word describes you?

A. I would say “determined” because at the end of the day I’m going to do whatever I can to help my team be successful



5.  Q. What do you give up to play sports?

A.  I don’t necessarily give up a lot because playing sports is the only thing I want to do really.



6. Q. What is your favorite place to compete?

A.  I like when the games are just packed with fans and the atmosphere is just crazy, makes the game a lot more fun.



7. Q.  Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

A.  Of course, where your head is at mentally is a big part of playing basketball or any sport in general.



8.  Q. How does being an athlete inspire you to do good?

A. Being an athlete also come/ with many other expectations to do good, like in school, the community or at home.



9. How does athletics make you a better student or teammate?

A.  It emphasizes how important working with your peers is, in order to reach a certain goal.



10. Whats the best part of your game?

A. I feel that the best part of my game is how I can create opportunities for myself and my teammates.



11. What would like to improve on as a player?

A.  I’d like to improve on my basketball IQ mainly since it’s an important trait to have while playing point guard.



12. What schools are currently recruiting or showing interest in you?

A. Currently have no schools that I know if recruiting me for basketball.



13.  Q. Being a young Student Athlete in this state of Minnesota, Do you feel pressure to be perfect?

A.  Not really, I feel a lot more pressure to be perfect from my sisters if anything because of how good they were on the court and in school.



14. Q.  What would you like College Coaches to know about you?

A.  I’m willing to be put in any position that will benefit my team no matter what that may be.

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