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Hoop Stars Media Pre – Season HOT PROSPECT LIST!


In this second installment of our Hoop Stars Media Hot Prospect Season list, we take a look at some very polished incoming freshmen for the 2019 – 2020 season.  Our list of players are players that we have seen and covered over the course of the year from AAU, Winter travel and in some cases High School basketball.    

Hoop Star Media Hot Prospect Preseason Teams list for the class of 2023 

1) Jessye Lewis Jr. – 6’1″ – PG – 2023 –  Hiawatha Collegiate

Jessye Lewis Jr. Started varsity as an 8th grader at Hiawatha Collegiate High School.  He put up some impressive numbers averaging 23.2 at the 1A level.  As this class grows so will the roster at Hiawatha.  A big season ahead for the young returning starter.  Jessye Lewis is by far one of the best three point shooters in the class of 2023.  He has unlimited range beyond the arch and at such a young age this is something you can’t teach.  I would not be surprised if he avg. almost 30 a game.

2) Jalen Cain – 6’0″ – PG – 2023 –  Minnetonka High School 

Jale Cain is a quick guard that is fast from end to end with a knack for finishing around the rim in transition.  Jalen plays a tough 4A schedule and we expect to see his experience grow quickly playing that kind of talent every night.  Jalen is a tough guard that can create opportunities off the dribble for a score or create for others.  These are the skills that College Coaches looking for when looking at young talent for the future.  Jalen is in the conversation for one of the best guards in the class.

3) Alex Jones – 6’0″ – G – 2023 –  Bloomington, MN 

Alex is a big strong skilled guard that loves to defend.  He brings a tough style of play to his teams.  Today consider a combo guard who can transition pretty easy to the Point position with adding shooting and creating more opportunities for others.    

4) Joe Miller – 6’4″ – PF – 2023 –  Holy Angles 

Joe Miller is an athlete that has grown 4 inches over the past year standing 6’4″.  A player that was already super athletic prior to the growth spurt.  One of the most unique talents in the sense that he possesses all the skills of an upper classmen.  A good shooter from the 3 point line and rebounds well and a forward that puts the ball on the deck in traffic to get to the rim hard.  Being a young blue chip player in the making Joe has room for growth by  adding the skills he needs to make the big jump at the varsity level.

5) Lincoln Palbicki 6’9″ – C – 2023 –  Maple Grove High School 

Lincoln Palbicki has accomplished one major goal that is hard to do for most incoming freshmen and that is to make the varsity/JV roster at a big 4A school like Maple Grove.  The last few times that we have seen that at Maple Grove, that crop was really special with names like Brad Davison who is now at Wisconsin University and Tywhon Pickford who currently plays for Northern Iowa.

Lincoln has a high ceiling and will get a lot of experience this season.  Lincoln can only increase his stock as he has many areas that he will add to his game over the next year playing for Coach Schroeder who has reached the state tournament last year.  A great Coach that will ensure these areas of growth are addressed from shooting to becoming  a presence around the basket and his stock will grow rapidly.  He is one that we will keep a close eye on as the season comes more into view.  


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