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D1 MN 2026 made waves in the Round Ball Remix Classic 5 Showcase!!


D1 Minnesota 2026 is one of the best 14U teams in the state!  This Is a loaded team with many of tomorrows bright stars and well Coached group of talent. You will see many of the players getting varsity minutes this winter for their respective High School teams this season.  We watched the Minnesota D1 2026 group take down many 15U teams and take on the top 14U teams in in the Round Ball Remix Classic 5 in Minnesota.  The one thing that sticks out about this group right away is the chemistry the team has built since the spring and how well they play together.

A hard nose Defensive team and a poised group on the offensive end that plays fast and with a purpose..  This D1 Minnesota team has 5 players on our Hot Prospect players to Watch list that stood out.

Players to watch:

Dothan Ijadimbola – 6’5″ prospect will attend Totino Grace.  A team that won the 3A state tournament in 2022 is adding to its roster with some really good talented young players.  Dothan currently is at the head of the class in 2026 and will only improve.  We watched him closely in the Round Ball Remix Classic 5 and you see that he has a great feel for the game at a young age.  He is able to put the ball on the ground and blow past defenders and finish above the rim, something you don’t often see in young players. 

Video Link: 6’4″ Dothan Ijadimbola in the Round Ball Remix Classic 5

Will Kirsch Guard – Waconia High School – Will was able to create scoring opportunities from the guard position in the half court and transition.  A crafty skilled player that you will love to watch because he keeps the relentless pressure on the defense.  He has a great base of skills and this is what high school Coaches are looking for in young players as they enter High School. 

Tian Chatman  – 6’3″ – Totino Grace – Tian is a smooth PG and is always under control in running a team.  Tian made great plays for his teammates all weekend long and they were winning plays that lead to victory.  Chatman is a very unselfish player that has all the skills to be a lead guard in the class 2026.  A nice touch from 3 point land and finishes around the rim.  He will fill a nice role for Totino Grace this coming season.

Pierless Davis – 6’0″ – Totino Grace – A very good athlete that is very active around the basket in watching Davis you notice right away that he has a great ability to be where the ball is coming off the. glass for put backs.  Every team needs a tough athlete that loves to play a role to help the team win.  His length is a great presence to have when guarding.

Max Iversen Guard –  Delano High School – When you need a knock down shooter then all you have to do is look to Max Iversen, one of the best knock down shooters in the class of 2026.  You always have to account for where he is on the floor which opens up the floor for drive lanes for guards and wings.  Iversen is a multi purpose guard that can play two ways.  In watching him in the Round Ball his IQ is on a high level and has a great feel for the game.  Max will be one to watch out for.  



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