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Bradley Cimperman is a 6’5″ unsigned senior shooting guard who plays for Woodbury High School.  Woodbury is coming off an 18 – 8 regular season last year before COVID shut the season down.  Cimperman averaged 15.0 points per game last season for the Royals.  Bradley is a true College prospect that does a bit of everything on the court to win games.  The one thing that you will notice right away is that he has great size and proper footwork and shooting ability from the three point land and in many scouting reports can not be left alone or he will light the score board up with his instant offense.  He has phenomenal foot work to set his shot up and a quick shooting release.

As the 2020 – 2021 season comes into play, Bradley is a prospect that Coaches will want to look at as he has continued to progress as a player each season.



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Take a moment to get to know Bradley Cimperman with this Great Q&A interview!




Question and Answer:



1. Q. Full Name: and what Nickname or Name do you like to go by?

A.  Bradley Cimperman


2.  Q. What are you most looking forward to this season? 

A.  I’m looking forward to competing and trying to win a conference title.



3.  Q. Who inspired you as a young athlete?

A. My dad



4.  Q. What one word describes you?

A.  Hard-working



5.  Q. What do you give up to play sports?

A. A lot of my free time that I could be spending with my friends.



6. Q. What is your favorite place to compete?

A.  I love home games and seeing our fans.



7. Q.  Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

A.  Yes, everyone on the team has to want to improve if you want to win.



8.  Q. How does being an athlete inspire you to do good?

A.  Knowing that younger kids from Woodbury might look up to me makes me want to be a good role model.



9. How does athletics make you a better student or teammate?

A.  It makes me better at working with people and dealing with conflict.



10. Whats the best part of your game?

A.  All-around scoring.




11. What would like to improve on as a player?

A.  I’d like to continue to get more athletic so I can defend more positions.



12. What schools are currently recruiting or showing interest in you?

A.  The University of Jamestown, St. John’s University, Bemidji State University, and have been in contact with a few other NSIC schools.



13.  Q. Being a young Student Athlete in this state of Minnesota, Do you feel pressure to be perfect?

A.  No, but I expect a lot from myself and hold myself to a very high standard.



14. Q.  What would you like College Coaches to know about you?

A.  I want college coaches to know that I work hard and I’m coachable.



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