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Get to know Alonzo Dodd in this player Q & A!

Alonzo Dodd is changing the game for South Saint Paul as they are off to a hot streak to start the season with an 8-0 record.   We are currently about half way through the regular season and the scoring out put this season from South St. Paul does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  As a team they have been averaging a little over 80 ppg with four players averaging double figures in points.  Dodd is the leading scorer and floor general for the South St. Paul avgering. 21 points per game.

A smaller fast paced team with guards that are able to break you down puts a lot of pressure on the opposing teams defenses because the mis matches that are caused form the strong guards and perimeter play.  Coach Matthew McCollister has allowed his team to play with a free flowing style both offensively and defensively that has benefited his teams ability to play with instincts causing defensive disruption.  We expect as the season progresses we will continue to see Dodds stock rise as College Coaches really start looking to fill their class of 2022 rosters. You will hear Dodds name mentioned among that group.



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Get to know Alonzo Dodd in this player Q & A


1. Q. Full Name: and what Nickname or Name do you like to go by?

A.  Alonzo Dodd – Zo


2.  Q. What are you most looking forward to this season? 

A.  Competing everyday with the guys 



3.  Q. Who inspired you as a young athlete?

A.    Both sides of my grandparents



4.  Q. What one word describes you?

A.  Competitor



5.  Q. What do you give up to play sports?

A.  A lot of time with friends and family, hanging out, just the teenage life. I wouldn’t say I’m giving those things up cause I have a goal in my life that I want to reach, and although it is considered a “job” it’s fun to me, creates peace throughout my life.



6. Q. What is your favorite place to compete?

A.  Anywhere on the court.



7.  Q.  Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

A.  Definetly. Attitudes is a BIG part of winning. Talking to your teammates reckless and not taking coaching is a teams problem. 



8.  Q. How does being an athlete inspire you to do good?

A. I guess you can say it keeps me out the street life. Out of trouble, basketball helps a lot of kids in bad situations.



9.  Q. How does athletics make you a better student or teammate?

A.   It makes you actually want to do school. Some kids only go to school to play sports. Sports is everything to us athletes, but with that comes responsibilities like school, and being a leader in your community, and team.



10.  Q. Whats the best part of your game?

A.  I think my awareness is the best part of my game, controlling the pace and reading the defenses. Others will probably say my speed and attacking.



11. Q What would like to improve on as a player?

A.  I would like to improve my shot.



12. Q. What schools are currently recruiting or showing interest in you?

A.    There are schools like, U-W Milwaukee, Morgan state, Western Illinois, NDSU, SDSU, UNI, Toledo, Utah state, Cal, St.Thomas, Davidson, and a few others



13.  Q. Being a young Student Athlete in this state of Minnesota, Do you feel pressure to be perfect?

A.  Everyone wants to be perfect so yea, not many really get to experience basketball in college or the pros in Minnesota. I feel like Minnesota is definitely a top 5 state in basketball.



14. Q.  What would you like College Coaches to know about you?

A.  That my love for the game is going to keep on growing.


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